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International exhibition dedicated to St. Anastasia of Sirmium

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Churches of St. Anastasia

Ravenna (Italy). Ex basilica of Saint (Aghia) Anastasia (to-day the basilica of Saint Spirit), built in 498 Theodoric the Great, the king of Goths
Verona (Italy). Saint Anastasia basilica (XII-XIV cc), built on the place where at the end of V-th century Theodoric set up the first Saint Anastasia church in Italy
Rome. Saint Anastasia basilica in the Palatino. Builded and amplied in IVc by Theodoric and rebuild in the XVIII c in baroque style. Before the church: Nicolas Gaverdovski and Nadia Lavrova with their Saint Anastasia icons
Zadar. Basilica of St. Anastasia, XIII c.
Villasanta, Milano, (Italy). Saint Anastasia church (XIXc), built near the place where in the end of V c. Theodoric founded the Saint Anastasia Sanctuary
Saint Anastasia monastery in Chalkidyki (Greece), founded in 897, restored firstly in XVI c., then in XIX c.
Sale San Giovanni (Cuneo province). Benedictine chapel of Saint Anastasia (1050). Here in the 1988 the Saint Anastasia project started with restoration of old frescoes
Randazzo (Sicily). Ruins of Byzantine basilica of Saint Anastasia (IX c.) under the Etna vulcan.
Tissi (Sardinia). Church of St. Anastasia (XII, XVII cc.)
Sardara (Sardinia). Church of St. Anastasia (XII? c.)
Santa Severina di Crotone (Calabria). Cathedral of St. Anastasia (XIII-XVII c.)
Matino (Puglie). Church of Saint Anastasia (XVIII c.) built on the place of ancient byzantine monastery of Santa Anastasia IXc.
Beuern (Bavaria, Germany). Benediktbeuern Monastery, VIII c. Chapel of Saint Anastasia (1753).
Kostroma (Russia). Cathedral of Saint Anastasia and Epiphany
Uchma village on Volga River (Yaroslavl Region). The Church of Saint Anastasia built by Saint Anastasia Committee on the place of the monastery of “Saint Cassian the Greek” in 1994
Magliano Alfieri (Cuneo province). Saint Anastasia orthodox chapel and the Reconciliation (1997) constructed by Saint Anastasia Committee in Mishkin on Volga River, then transported and erected in Italy
Calarasi (South Romania). Cathedral of Saint Anastasia completed and sanctified on September 8, 2006
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