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International exhibition dedicated to St. Anastasia of Sirmium

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10.10.2006. The Archbishop of Zadar Ivan Prendja opens the exhibition dedicated to St. Anastasia
City Loggia: held the exhibition of icons and works of croatian painters
Basilica of Saint Donato the principal place of exhibition
Interior of Saint Donato basilica during the inauguration
Dr. Livio Attanasio from Mondovì offers to bishop Prendja a book about Mondovì city.
Two Dalmatian girls in traditional clothes with archbishop Prendja
Procession on the streets of Zadar
Inauguration of the exhibition in St.Donato basilica
Interior of St. Donato basilica
The Dalmatian girls with icons of St.Anastasia
Inauguration of the exhibition in the City Loggia
Cathedral of St. Anastasia where concert of choral singing took place
The chorus of St.Anastasia cathedral during the ceremony of opening of the exhibition
Archbishop Prendja opens St.Anastasia conference
City Tower (Gradska Strazha) of Zadar
General view of historical part of Zadar
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