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International exhibition dedicated to St. Anastasia of Sirmium

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Personalities that granted blessings, patronages, support
or participated in the initiative
«Saint Anastasia – a hope for peace»

Ecclesiastic Authorities

The Catholic Church

His Most Reverend Pope John Paul II, 1988, 1995, 1997 - the blessing
Cardinal Paul Poupard, President of the Papal Council of Culture, 1992, 2006 - patronage
Mons. Ivan Prendja, archbishop of Zadar (Croatia), 2005-2006 - participation
Mons. Luciano Pacomio, bishop of Mondovì, 2004-2006 - participation
Mons. Sebastiano Dho, bishop of Alba, 1996-1997 - support
Mons. Ilario Roata, bishop of Norcia and St. Agata, the honorary President of the first Saint Anastasia committee, 1989-1991 - participation

Russian Orthodox Church and Patriarchy of Moscow

His Most Reverend Patriarch of Moscow Alexii II, 1995-1997 - the blessing
Pitirim metropolitan of Volokolamsk, 1991 - support
Mihei, archbishop of Yaroslavl and Rostov, 1994-1997 - blessing and participation
Aleksandr, archbishop of Kostroma and Galich, 1991-1997 - support

Orthodox Church, the Patriarchy of Serbia

His Most Reverend Patriarch of Serbia Pavel, 2004 - the blessing

Civil Authorities

International Institutions

Federico Major, General Director of the UNESCO, 1996 - patronage
Terry Davis, Secretary-General of the Europe Council, 2006 - patronage


Mercedes Bresso, President of the Piedmont Region, 2006 - patronage
Giovanni Quaglia, President of the Province of Cuneo, 1989-2004 - support and participation
Raffaele Costa, President of the Province of Cuneo, 2006 - patronage


Boris Eltsin, President of Russian Federation, 1992, 1996 - support
Accademico Dmitri Likhacev, the Honorary President of the 2-nd and 3-d St. Anastasia Committee, 1991-1996 - support
Vladimir Lobacev, the Chief of the Russian Space Centre, 1995-1996 - participation
Yuri Sidorov, Russian Minister of Culture, 1994 - support
Accademician Nikolai Shmelev, Director of European Institute of Russian Ac. Sci., 2006 - patronage


Dragan Kojadinovic, Minister of Culture of Serbia, 2005 - patronage
Prof. Darko Tanaskovic, Ambassador of Serbia at the Holy See, 2004-2006 - participation

Republic of Croatia

Prof. Emilio Marin, Ambassador of Croatia at the Holy See, 2004-2006 - participation


In the eighteen years of activity more than 150 articles have been published in Italy, about 70 in Russia, 15 in Serbia, 15 in Croatia, 15 in France, 5 in Germany. More than 30 hours of video recordings and 1500 pictures of several events have been made.

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